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Basket of deplorables

I’m having a party tonight, my centerpiece is a basket of deplorables, do you think it will be good for our topics of conversations? Many things in are in the basket


Amazon echo

I think amazon blokes your program . When I ask Alexa to go either to the station name or number she says she can’t find you.

I tried more than 20 times today , finally got you then she promptly shut off. Have other listeners had the same problem?

My sister has the same problem. You can call me 702-569-5487


Information on station

Would like to know what is the station number in San Fernando valley ca, because when I go to visit my family, I miss hearing rush, and also would like to educate my niece and nephews. If you know what I mean, thank you and send my love to Rush. From Alicia the Latin spice ️️️️️️️️️


Natural born citizenship

Read the construction and tell

Me what it it means and what Is ment by natural CITIZENSHIP Concerning illigals kids?


How old are u and i need a red iphone 7 s for my grandma


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